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Animation and compositing of opening sequence for MARVEL'S feature GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE starring Nic Cage, produced at VISUAL CREATURES.
Compositing of CG and live action for the UTAH TRANSIT AUTHORITY ad campaign, produced at ROGER.
Animation and compositing of a dream sequence for tv series CRUNCH TIME, produced at DEUTSCH / STEELHEAD.
Animation and compositing of a branded music video for QUALCOMM, produced at VISUAL CREATURES.
Compositing of live-action motion-controlled elements into a one-take spot for CRACKER BARREL, produced at PARANOID.
3D tracking / matchmoving for VANQUISH video game trailer, produced at LOGAN.
Compositing and 3D tracking for a live-action (yes, really!) HONDA ad. The full-size cross-section interior was filmed with a motion-control rig and all the moving elements were composited back in along with the CG car exterior. Produced at MOTION THEORY.
Direction and VFX for SAINT MOTEL'S hit single MY TYPE. Shot before they were signed, the video went viral in Italy where they quickly became rockstars, hooked up with a major label and then hit it big in the rest of Europe and the States as well.